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Our Profile

Established in 2009, Kily Water Care is in the manufacturing and servicing of RO Water Purification Systems. We have pioneered in providing robust services to our present customers ensuring that water supply at their premises is always pure and safe.

We are working all over India and Abroad

We manufacture and sell many different models with RO Water Purification Systems for domestic as well as commercial use. Our Domestic RO Water Purifiers include Kily Grand, Kily Avery, Kily Swift, Kily Perl. Our Commericial Systems are based on the amount of water you need to be purified per hour. We can provide 25 LpH, 50 LpH, 100 LpH, 250 LpH, 500 LpH, 1000 LpH systems for our commercial customers.

Based upon your needs we also provide you service contracts. Our Sales and Service Hub is located at Ravindra Commercial Complex, Opposite Bright 4 Wheels, Kalyanpur Ring Road, Lucknow. 226021

Our Domestic RO Water Purification Products

Our Domestic RO Water Purification Products are designed and manufactured keeping in mind, easy portability and installation.

Our Domestic Products include the following models:

1. Kily Grand

2. Kily Arya

3. Kily Swift

4. Kily Perl

You can check our domestic products at our office location or you can call us so that we may provide you a robust consultation on what would be better for your family's consuming water solutions.

Our Commercial RO Water Purification Products

We understand that at your Commercial establishment, be it your office, your factory or any other establishment, we ensure that our machines are able to fulfil all drinking water needs.

Our commercial Products are manufactured in different capacities. We offer products in the range given below: 1. Kily 25 Litre per hour

2. Kily 50 Litre per hour

3. Kily 100 Litre per hour

4. Kily 250 Litre per hour

5. Kily 500 Litre per hour

6. Kily 1000 Litre per hour

We are also inclined to provide robust Annual Maintenance Contracts. We offer your flexible methods to create your own Annual Maintenance contracts based on your unique requirement. Just contact us and explain us your AMC problems and we will get back to you with a solution.

Water Purifier Maintenance Services

Your water purifier, be it any make or brand definitely requires a good service, when needed. If service is not done properly, it will directly affect the quality of water you consume.

Keeping this in mind, we have adopted the best industrial methods as well as spares to ensure that the quality of water at your end is not compromised at all.

You can ask for a quote on your particular service need. We also offer attractive Annual Maintenance Contracts, which ensure that you don't have to even worry about your water purifier problems

Our Service Center & Working Region

Our Service Center is located at an easy to reach location in the Capital City of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh in India. You can find our address below.

We have been actively working in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand since 2010.

We are also providing our products and services to our clients located abroad. We are much active in Nepal.

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Kily Water Care
Ravindra Commercial Complex
Opposite Bright 4 Wheel,
Ring Road,
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226021
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Ph. : +91-522-6566620, +91-9616580827, +91-9236048832